Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This Week at Backcountry Club

The backcountry club here at MSU-Bozeman screened the ski movie titled Attack of La Nina. I stuck around for this video because I want to expand my knowledge on skiing and make better, unbiased judgements on their sport. This video was really long and it was mostly backcountry big mountain skiing. I still stand by my opinion that most skiers don't have much style. Skiers just look sloppy in powder and when dropping cliffs, they roll down the windows every time. These skiers got gnarly in La Nina; they dropped numerous huge cliffs in this video compared to shred flicks. What I liked most about this ski video is that they showed more of the lifestyle aspect of skiing. They showed injuries and campsites on their trips, and that made the video really cool. But, they did go too far on this at times and conveyed the typical goofball, unprofessional skier mentality. They fell into the stereotype in other words. Anyway, I'm looking forward to next week's video. PUNCE.