Monday, January 23, 2012

Review: Givin's One

B+ or 4/5 stars

The reason I gave this video four stars is because this production company is new and if I gave them five stars, there would be no incentive to go shoot a better video for next season! Joking aside, Givin is off to a very good start with their first effort, but there is always room for improvement. I am looking forward to next seasons offering because they will most definitely out do “One”, especially because they now know the ropes of being a legitimate film company.

I’ll be honest; the first time through I was disappointed. However, once I got my expectations out of the way and watched it a second time I loved the video. And I continue to love it every time I watch it.

The line up in this video consists of the more popular riders Forest Bailey, Keegan Valaika, Shayne Pospisil, and many other riders that I have never heard of. Don’t let this fool you; most of these riders may be little known but they are very good and will surely be on the come up in a season or two, namely Alex Stathis and Benny Urban. Mark my words.

Former Burton filmer Aaron Hooper did an excellent job with the cinematography in this video. The typical barrage of fish eye and wide shots were mixed up by a few telephoto shots in the backcountry. These shots were enticing and magnificent to watch. And, of course, like every video, there are shots taken from a helicopter. But, Givin does these shots differently. They use a lot of camera movement while following the rider. It adds much more to the video doing it this way. The heli shots are used sparingly, unlike the big budget film Art of Flight. Overall, the different types of shots used made for good clarity and the entire movie was shot very, very well.

The soundtrack and overall editing of the video is a little different than most production companies, and this is most likely why I didn’t like “One” the first time through. The music selection is, for the most part, soothing and chill type of music. It’s different, but it works very well with the editing choices. The editing I thought was great. They seem to have added in the warm up and throw away footage along with the bangers. Typically, video parts use only the bangers, but I personally loved that they put in everything because you get to see a longer video part. Ultimately, you get a better value out of it.

I would recommend getting the hard copy with the case over the iTunes edition because the cover art is just straight up sick. Just looking at it makes me want to go ride. This is why I brought the case 1000 miles to my college instead of just taking the disc. I really hope Givin keeps with the theme of the case for their upcoming videos.

To sum up, Givin’s “One” will be a great choice and a wonderful addition to your collection, especially if you like Videograss and Think Thank movies. Givin fits in nicely with these other companies and I think they all bring something different to the snowboarding film industry. Givin brings something a little unorthodox, but you will be stoked on it.

Look for this guy in the woods this season

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I didn't realize how sick of a rider Aaron Robinson really was until my friend Clayton said that A-rob was one of his favorite backcountry riders to watch. After watching this amazing movie, I fully understand what the snowboard community was talking about. Aaron was a great snowboarder, and it is a huge loss to have him gone. Rest in Peace.

They make it seem like they snowboard every single day. Makes me want to just drop out of school and just ride and go on adventures and spend all of my money because, quite frankly, I do not snowboard enough. I wish I was a person that could really make a decisions like that.

35:12 is fucking nuts.

Manifest from Sam Tuor on Vimeo.

2012/13 board graphics

The graphics from Academy and Mervin Mfg. are looking so sick for next year. Hopefully I'll have enough money to buy myself a new board or two...or three.

Academy Snowboards: 2012/13 Snowboard Preview | TransWorld Business

Gnu: 2012/13 Snowboard Preview | TransWorld Business

Lib Tech: 2012/13 Snowboard Preview | TransWorld Business

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jed throwaway from a couple years ago

I came across this little video while searching for something else. I figured it'd be stuff I've seen already but a few clips in there I hadn't seen. Most of all, this video happens to feature a song by The Thermals, a band that one of my friends is trying to get me into.

Joe Sexton is now filming for VG

I glanced at the new "Greetings from Joe Sexton" but didn't think much of it. I figured it was just a random video that they filmed because he knows Riley and everything. When I actually watched the video just now, Joe makes it sound like he's filming a full VG part! There have surely been roster changes and Joe is most likely just filling in for someone that got dropped or isn't filming with VG anymore. For example, I talked to Alex Andrews and he said he's filming exclusively with Burton this season. Anyway, I'm super stoked about Sexton filming for VG. Next years VG video is going to be sick, despite there being little snow seemingly everywhere. The snow is starting to come around though like earlier this week 55 inches dropped in Jackson and about that much in most of the Pacific Northwest, and everywhere in Montana except Bozeman. It's crazy how none of it hits Bozeman...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

X Games Real Snow 2012


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: Defenders of Awesome

Grade: B

In the past couple seasons, Capita has garnered many good riders to ride their boards. Many more people are riding their boards, and they make them look so fun to ride. I think this is why Capita Super Corp decided to make a video; to solidify the hype surrounding them. Good decision on their part.

I like the theme of the video. It’s entertaining and original, but doesn’t take away from the actual riding. I think snowboard videos need more of this.

The music choice in this video was on point throughout the entire video, and depicted the riders styles at the same time. The track for Cocards part especially will have you thinking about the song and his part for many days.

I gave the video a B grade because the line up wasn’t as deep as other productions. The whole team is good, but the abundance of riders is lacking. It is definitely worth the download, but I would not recommend spending the money on a hard copy. I solely bought it to see video parts Scott Stevens and Mike Ravelson.

Scott Stevens:

Like I said, Scott Stevens was one of the big reasons why I bought the video. In his part, he once again breaks the ground in creative jibbing. He brings new one foot variations and improves himself on spots that he’s done in previous years. He also mixes in the typical stock shots and proves that he can do weird, technical tricks and also keep up with the regular progression of rail riding. His powder spins also look very good.

Dan Brisse:

Dan drops huge gaps and hits really long rails. He is obviously very good, but I personally don’t enjoy his style on rails at all. When he jumps, he’s alright, but he doesn’t have the rail style that Midwest riders are known for.

Jess Kimura:

She may be the first female rider that I’ve actually looked forward to seeing her video part. After seeing her video part in Think Thank’s Right Brain Left Brain, she made me a fan of her riding. But, lets get to the point, I was disappointed with her performance in Defenders of Awesome compared to Right Brain Left Brain. However, she still remains to be my favorite female rider. She has balls, good style, and her nickname has danger in it.

Cale Zima:

My favorite trick in his part was actually a fuck up that he landed. That being said, I haven’t understood why this guy is pro. He seems like a cool, funny guy, but his style doesn’t do it for me. He shows signs of potential, like that front board down that huge gray rail, and his ender, but he’s a bit too sketchy. I think if he tunes up his style and narrows his stance a little, I’d like him better. Until then, he should step aside and let one of the many ams take his spot on the pro roster.

Brandon Cocard:

I didn’t know he would have a full part in this video. This is by far my favorite part in the video. I think about it often, perhaps because the editing and the music is especially good in this segment. I like the way he front threes off the rail in his third shot. And, he has a really proper rodeo, his backside nose grab spins (reg and switch) are no joke, and, also, his ender may not look the best, but it’s gnarly. This seemingly soft spoken ripper has now grown to be one of my favorites. I hope to see more in the future.

Laura Hadar:

The intro of her part really gets on my nerves. Besides that…she sucks. Moving on.

T.J. Schneider:

Yeah, apparently this guy still snowboards. I remember him being one of the few pros that actually wore a helmet. His part was short, but I approve. Tj is back and his newly designed snowboard for the season is dope.

Andrew Burns:

I never really have heard of this guy. Anyway, I liked his part. He has good style on his spins. His couple rail shots would have been better if they didn’t put them in the video, pretty lacking.

Mike Ravelson:

Mike Rav went on a tear last season in the Loon and HCSC edits. He got the chance to film a part with Capita and took advantage of it. His segment is definitely one that I will skip ahead to now. He has good style, good tricks, and a little of the Stevens creativity. Looking forward to what he comes up with in the future.

Dustin Craven:

I have been a fan of Craven since I saw this picture of him tapping high on a lift pole. The picture is still on my door and I still can’t figure out what jump he popped from. Anyway, this dude rips the pow, and he’s underrated. Get at his part, it’s good.

Phil Jacques:

I forgot about this dude. I won’t forget about him anymore after watching his two-song ender. He rips the rails and sprinkles in a few powder spins. His wallie to boardslide on the red ledge and his backlip (best I have ever seen) were standouts in his first part.

The first trick of his second part bothered me. Three angles of his back one street gap were unnecessary.

The ender of his part was for sure gnarly, but I liked his first song ender much better. Hollaaa atchaaa boiiiii!