Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last Weekend at Bridger Bowl

Bozeman finally got dumped on. This is my friend Aaron and his go pro camera.

At 1:02, really sick gap. Aaron scared me with that one, but the best feeling ever after you ride away (one of the few drops I've actually ridden away from, it's fucking hard to land in powder).

At 1:53, that was an untouched cliff that Aaron and I discovered. Fucking nuts. And after that cliff, we rode through the first real powder I've ever experienced. It was like floating on air (well, snow is mostly air, but suck it). My first couple turns through the snow in which I felt no hard surface below, my legs starting tingling from the feet up all the way through my thighs. After the day was done, I was ecstatic; the happiest I had ever been.

What they say about powder is for real. I couldn't describe how I felt, but Aaron summed it up by saying "You're high on life". It was absolutely true, I felt drunk, but I wasn't intoxicated. Maybe what I was feeling is what true happiness feels like. I kept thinking about how "the pursuit of happiness" is in the Declaration of Independence. Doubtlessly, the pursuit was fulfilled that day.