Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 Moonlight Basin PBRJ

Colton, Shane, and Cullen placed in the open division, and Vanessa wrecked shop in the girls division, winning that easily. I also competed, but in the 16 and over class. Despite seemingly doing very well, I didn't place. Multiple people were surprised when hearing this and immediately said I got "robbed". Since Minnesota blood almost swept the open and won the girls division, I felt like I didn't do my part by placing in the 16 and over, stupid as that sounds. So at the end of the day, as much fun as it was, I was left feeling disappointed but optimistic. Now, it's pure disappointment as I didn't even make it into the edit. That would have made it all worth it. Whateve, I know it's my own fault. My contest strategies obviously don't work, and I simply need to get better at snowboarding. Feeling sorry for myself won't make the situation go away. I got to know all those riders and again, as stupid as it sounds, I think I gained myself a little respect at least. I will redeem myself at the Chamberlain rail jam either way; it's going to get FUCKED UP puncey. -Jack Haren