Saturday, March 22, 2014

Best Skate Edit I've Seen Thus Far

This edit has a political undertone, history, skating from legends back in the day and modern pros. I enjoy watching this style of skating because it's more relate-able. Peep.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Congrats RP!

Not a more deserving MN local to take home the big win at the first ever DTTD in Minneapolis.

Monday, April 22, 2013

kids got odd style but its worth sharing fo da bangers

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Zany Jam

This was a few weeks ago, but me, Kyle, Trevor, and Keelan mobbed up to Wild Mtn. for the Zany Jam presented by Monster and Zion Snowboards. It was judged by Ryan Paul and Jake OE. That's what really wanted me to go out there.

As we pulled in to the lot, our eyes lit up: the course looked sick! And it was. The practice went off, but the actual contest went off even more. It became a battle on the three piece down flat down rail. It was kind of sketchy sliding the whole thing, but it was perfect to gap to.

My bindings broke half way through the jam and had to go see about getting a demo board to finish the contest. While the Burton guy set me up, Trevor was getting extremely close to a gap front three on the double down. I didn't think it was him at first, but got even more stoked as he got up to go to the rope for another try. I'm not sure who won, but the contest was really fun. And I heard that this contest is going to be put on a few more times this season.

In the recap vid, I got a few shot at 1:48:

Troll Late Night

The second Friday of Troll's late-night opening we actually got around to attend. I drove to Kyle's, then to Greg's, then to the hill. Once we got there, all of agreed on the ampness of the situation: It was hard to contain. Every facet of Minnesota culture seemed to be either drinking, snowboarding, or drinking AND snowboarding. The bar was bumping and the park was progressing.

 I liked the new set up the park crew created. Phase two of a new, prevalent stomping grounds for upper midwestern snowboarders. However, I had been thinking of all the tricks I wanted to land based on the old park, so I was a little off guard upon arrival and had to think of a new list of tricks to land.

The cruiser runs we took at the beginning and end of the late night session was supplemented by the fog. It enveloped the landscape, made the orange glow of the lights mystical, and overall thought about how classic the night was.

 I really enjoyed my time at Troll. Especially because we got some footage! Not only me and Greg (Kyle was filming), but Tony the assistant park manager, Conor Rose, and Kris Gesch showed up. With the additional crew, I was stoked out of my mind.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Afton Alps

Troll and Wild have been open for weeks. Our own local hill, Afton Alps, has reportedly started blowing snow themselves. I am very excited to attend the park crew meeting tomorrow. The news makes it so that we can talk about opening day park ideas. My current thought is that the double kink should be up.

Winter 2012.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The season has begun

Wild and Troll have opened, making them the first few ski areas in the entire country. I had to skip out the first few weekends due to a torn MCL, but I am more stoked than ever to shred. I just hope warming up doesn't take long, like it usually does for me. I want to jump right in because I have never been more mentally prepared to get better at snowboarding and film it.

Winter 2012.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Full Part: Will Lavigne

I don't know much about this guy besides that he is Canadian and filmed with VG this past season. I was surprised at myself not knowing about this. After watching it, I think he pulled it off. The tricks were solid the whole way through, with the beginning showing crisp trick selection and creativeness in the streets.

Through the middle, he launches some mediocre spins off of a plain looking booter. Those could have been taken out. Not to take anything away from him of course. As I said, he LAUNCHED the spins high.

At the end, more street bangers ensue, rattling off, one after another until the last two hammers. The last one especially isn't seen often, if at all (Unofficial NBD?)

I will definitely be looking forward to his shots (hopefully they aren't the same) in Enlighten, one of three movies Videograss is releasing this season.



 These dudes drop this amidst all of this other shred porn. I almost couldn't take it. Connor Brown's art direction worked well. The lifestyle shots tied in nicely and consistently. Most importantly, there were not clogging the actual snowboarding, which was raw as fuck. Every single rider in this is, simply put, RAW. A good peep all the way through. 4/5.

Bridger Bowl from Last Season!