Saturday, December 1, 2012

Troll Late Night

The second Friday of Troll's late-night opening we actually got around to attend. I drove to Kyle's, then to Greg's, then to the hill. Once we got there, all of agreed on the ampness of the situation: It was hard to contain. Every facet of Minnesota culture seemed to be either drinking, snowboarding, or drinking AND snowboarding. The bar was bumping and the park was progressing.

 I liked the new set up the park crew created. Phase two of a new, prevalent stomping grounds for upper midwestern snowboarders. However, I had been thinking of all the tricks I wanted to land based on the old park, so I was a little off guard upon arrival and had to think of a new list of tricks to land.

The cruiser runs we took at the beginning and end of the late night session was supplemented by the fog. It enveloped the landscape, made the orange glow of the lights mystical, and overall thought about how classic the night was.

 I really enjoyed my time at Troll. Especially because we got some footage! Not only me and Greg (Kyle was filming), but Tony the assistant park manager, Conor Rose, and Kris Gesch showed up. With the additional crew, I was stoked out of my mind.