Monday, September 24, 2012

Full Part: Will Lavigne

I don't know much about this guy besides that he is Canadian and filmed with VG this past season. I was surprised at myself not knowing about this. After watching it, I think he pulled it off. The tricks were solid the whole way through, with the beginning showing crisp trick selection and creativeness in the streets.

Through the middle, he launches some mediocre spins off of a plain looking booter. Those could have been taken out. Not to take anything away from him of course. As I said, he LAUNCHED the spins high.

At the end, more street bangers ensue, rattling off, one after another until the last two hammers. The last one especially isn't seen often, if at all (Unofficial NBD?)

I will definitely be looking forward to his shots (hopefully they aren't the same) in Enlighten, one of three movies Videograss is releasing this season.