Saturday, December 1, 2012

Zany Jam

This was a few weeks ago, but me, Kyle, Trevor, and Keelan mobbed up to Wild Mtn. for the Zany Jam presented by Monster and Zion Snowboards. It was judged by Ryan Paul and Jake OE. That's what really wanted me to go out there.

As we pulled in to the lot, our eyes lit up: the course looked sick! And it was. The practice went off, but the actual contest went off even more. It became a battle on the three piece down flat down rail. It was kind of sketchy sliding the whole thing, but it was perfect to gap to.

My bindings broke half way through the jam and had to go see about getting a demo board to finish the contest. While the Burton guy set me up, Trevor was getting extremely close to a gap front three on the double down. I didn't think it was him at first, but got even more stoked as he got up to go to the rope for another try. I'm not sure who won, but the contest was really fun. And I heard that this contest is going to be put on a few more times this season.

In the recap vid, I got a few shot at 1:48: