Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Girl eats shit... Why does she have a basket on the bike you might ask?

My prediction of how this shit went down... literally. Story time ladies and gentleman. So Elaine was invited to a picnic down by the lake. She packed her lunch, blanket, and napkins into her handy ass basket on her bike. She was leisurely biking to the lake when she got a text from her friend telling her she's the last one there and an hour late. Elaine freaked tits and put that bitch into the highest gear possible. She was going mach 10. She reached the hill and realized she cut her brake wires in order to fit her basket on the handle bars. After reaching a top speed of 60 mph, Elaine lost all control of her bike, flew by her friends at the picnic, and flew off the dirt mound her friends built while waiting for her tardy ass. Way to pack down that dirt mound Elaine, looks like you'll be eating soggy sandwiches. Luckily one of your friends caught you on tape!